Friday, May 11, 2018

Reclaim your keywords

Purchasing keywords is a technique that can be costly and time consuming. Company’s everyday spends thousands of dollars in order to strategically place their company in a position to help them gain high quality leads.

In a perfect world your brand keywords will be designated for your company and your company alone. But in this competitive world, the keywords that are beneficial for your brand are available for anyone to purchase. So this means that a potential client can search the internet for your brand and/or company name and render results for a totally different company. Competing companies use such tactics in order to gain the attention of their competitions customers or potential customers.

In the event that such a situation occurs, what can you do?

The first, thing to realize is that such practices are not prohibited. A few years ago various search engines revoked any restrictions that prevented companies from bidding on branded keywords or branded business names. Though a company can bid on keywords that associated to your business name, it cannot use the trademark of your company in its ad copy.

So unfortunately, search engines will not assist you in your keyword battle but there are a couple of things that you can do. First, bid on your own brand name. This is a great way to shield your brand name from competitors. This may be a costly, technique but in the end you will find it to be beneficial to your company. Your competitor will not have the ability to lure your clients or customers away.

Sometimes bidding on your own name or keywords associated with your business will not render successful results. When this occurs you have the option of simply reaching out to the company that is using your brand’s keywords. The company may be polite and refrain from using the keywords or they can deny your request.

If they company denies your request then you can threaten to take legal action against them. A cease and desist order may be necessary if your brand name is trademarked. If your brand name is trademarked then you can file a Trademark complaint with search engines. This could help to drastically reduce the number of companies using your brand name in their keywords.

If the above strategies do not work then play the competitors game and bid on their brand’s keywords. You can lure some of their traffic away from their site. Once this occurs, their brand’s keywords can become a bargaining chip. You can agree to cease bidding on their brand keyboards if they agree to do the same.

Before you bid, investigate the measure of activity your rivals are creating in light of the branded terms they are utilizing. By focusing on the contender that purchased your image, you could constrain their CPCs higher, gain a portion of their lead volume, and possibly drive them to quit bidding on your image name, which is something worth being thankful for.

Keep in mind; you can't utilize a rival's trademarked name in any of your advertisement so you must be sharp and inventive while making your promotions.

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